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DG Research sets out vision for technology leadership in PV by Europe



Deputy Director General of DG Research Patrick Child, in his address to the event Horizon 2020 Projects: Backing the European PV Industry said PV had harnessed “small fraction of its vast potential” and called for European “technology leadership”. The event was a parallel event of the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference, taking place in Brussels 24-28 September.

The EU needs to focus on “zero-carbon energy solutions consistent with full decarbonisation by 2050”, said Mr Child, if it aspires to continue to push the world towards deeper carbon cuts. Furthermore, he continued, R&I must be “accompanied by important manufacturing capacities and strong supply chains across Europe. Linking technology with manufacturing strength will be highly beneficial. It will guarantee strategic access to power generation technologies by keeping a manufacturing capacity for PV (i.e. security of supply), with positive impact on competitiveness and jobs.”

His speech is downloadable here.