The European Technology & Innovation Platform PV provides advice on photovoltaic solar energy policy. It is an independent body recognised by the European Commission and the SET Plan Steering Group as representative of the photovoltaic sector. Its recommendations may cover the areas of research and innovation, market development including competitiveness, education and industrial policy.

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On 27 October 2017 we lost one of the legends of Photovoltaics and a beloved member of the European Technology and Innovation Platform Photovoltaics. Emiliano Perezagua passed away much too early.

Emiliano was loved. He made a difference in the PV world. He made a difference to us. We will miss him and cherish our time with him.

Hasta siempre Emiliano.

Petition effort: Urgent Call for Action to Ensure a Sustainable Future for European PV Manufacturing

(Initiated on 23 June 2017)


With the new governance of the SET plan in 2015 the EU PVTP and SEII have been merged into ETIP PV to continue define, support and accompany the implementation of a coherent and comprehensive strategic plan for PV. Read more. 

Actions towards implementing the Integrated SET Plan

In December 2015 ETIP PV signed the SET-Plan Declaration on Strategic Targets in the context of an Initiative for Global Leadership in Photovoltaics. Today, ETIP PV plays a key role in the Temporary Working Group preparing the Implementation Plan to achieve these targets.

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