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BIPV series of national workshops

Within the context of energy efficiency in buildings and cities for new and existing building stock the development of innovative design concepts and market approaches are essential. A key issue is the collaboration among the various stakeholders of the building design and construction process, such as building owners, developers, architects, building material industries, specialized PV/BIPV industry and research institutes.

The series of BIPV national workshops that ETIP PV started in 2017 bring together national stakeholders in the value chain to understand the needs and opportunities of BIPV and to mobilize the actors to support the developments needed to grasp these opportunities.

A market pull approach is central to these workshops to answer the following key questions:

  • What innovation, be it aesthetical, technological, legislative, financial or otherwise, is required by the building industry stakeholders (developers, planners, architects, owners etc.) to enable massive-scale deployment of BIPV?
  • What is required to stimulate innovation through interdisciplinary collaboration among the building and PV sectors?


7 September 2017

  • Title: Innovation in Solar Building Skins & Energy Efficiency towards Sustainable Cities


19&20 March 2018

  • Title: Building Integrated Photovoltaics: where Energy Efficiency meets Building Aesthetics