PV System Performance and Reliability – Quo Vadis?

17 September 2015, Hamburg, Germany

The PV industry is committed to improving the performance and reliability of systems and has made this a priority of the Solar Europe Industry Initiative. High-quality and long-term performing PV systems will be a safe investment. But where does the industry stand today? In which areas and direction is progress still needed?


The European Photovoltaic Technology Platform organized a debate on this topic on 17 September, in Hamburg, Germany. Industry leaders discussed tools and techniques for PV system performance forecasting, optimization and analysis. On the basis of their outstanding experience in the field, they also provided recommendations on how to mitigate the risk of failure and to optimize the performance of PV panels.


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Presented by Ms. Jeanna Panella, First-Solar.

Presented by Dr. Nicolas Sébastien, CTO, Reuniwatt

Presented by Dr. Lucie Garreau-iles, EMEA Technical Manager, DuPont Photovoltaics Solutions

Presented by Mr. Juan Carlos Gonzales, Technical Service Manager, Jinko SOlar

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