Fourth General Assembly of the PV Platform - 19 June 2009

On 19 June 2009, the European Photovoltaic Technology Platform met in Vienna for its 4th General Assembly in a symposium entitled “Setting the pace of a new age for Photovoltaics in Europe by 2020”.
Over 150 PV Experts set out the sector’s vision for 2020, including an analysis of PV’s market share and the R&D needed to keep costs on a steep downward track.


Download the Agenda of the 4th General Assembly of the EUPV Platform, 19 June 2009

Opening and Welcome speeches

Welcome speech by Alain Garnier, Chairman of the EU PV Technology Platform

Presentation by Adel El Gammal, EPIA Secretary General: Contribution of PV to the 2020 targets and beyond - SET Plan - Solar Europe Industry Initiative

session: research and industry working on a common goal

Presentation by Wim Sinke, Working Group 3 Leader, EU PV Technology Platform: PV technology development: achievements, challenges and opportunities

Presentation by Eric Sauar, REC - Renewable Energy Corporation: Industry involvement in European Strategic Energy Technology Plan

Session: PV Policy - from EU to Member States

Presentation by Bettina Bergauer-Culver, Chairperson of the Mirror Group of the EU PV Technology Platform: The role of the Member States to support PV developments in Europe

Presentation by Georg Napetschnig and Hubert Fechner, Members of the Austrian PV Technology Platform: Current situation and future strategies of the Austrian PV Industry

Presentation by Evelyne Schellekens, Member of the EU PV Technology Platform: The value of PV for European citizens

press release

Download the press release of the fourth General Assembly of the EU PV Technology Platform: PV Platform symposium: Setting the pace of a new age for Photovoltaics in Europe by 2020”, 16 June 2009