Welcome speeches and opening session

Third general assembly of the pv platform - 6 June 2008

In line with the Slovenian EU Presidency, the EU Photovoltaic (PV) Technology Platform held its 3rd General Assembly on 6 June 2008, in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

After 3 years of operation, the EU PV Technology Platform presented its achievements over this period. This event gave a complete overview of the current situation of the PV sector, including issues such as EU and national policies, market development, an update on research and technology but also a review of PV in developing countries


Download the agenda of the third General Assembly of the Platform, 6 June 2008

Opening speech by Emiliano Perezagua, Chairman of the EU PV Technology Platform

Presentation by Marko Topic, Chairman of the EU PV Technology Platform

Presentation by Stefan Nowak, EU PV Technology Platform WG-1 Leader : Contribution of PV to the 2020 targets and beyond

eu pv platform session

Photovoltaic solar energy: the road ahead

Presentation by Adel El Gammal, EPIA Secretary General : Towards PV Competitiveness - Grid parity

Presentation by Alain Garnier, Vice-Chairman of the EU PVTP : Towards a balanced market for PV - Europe: sharing sucesses and challenges

Presentation by Hubert Aulich, EU PVTP WG-4 Leader : Towards added value from PV - as an enabler for development

eu pv platform session

Presentation by Barbara Rudek, EU PVTP WG-2 Leader : Working Group 2: Market deployment Activities

Presentation by Claude Lenglet, E2B JTI : Energy Efficient Buildings: Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) experience

Presentation by John Scott, SmartGrids European Technology Platform : SmartGrids Platform European Technology Platform

press release

Download the press release of the third General Assembly of the Platform: "European Photovoltaic Technology Platform to present its views on Strategic Energy Technology Plan", 4 June 2008