opening session

first general assembly of the pv platform - 19 may 2006

Gathering on Friday 19 May 2006 in Brussels for the first General Assembly of the European Photovoltaic Technology Platform, 400 delegates from policy, research, industry, finance discussed their work for its first year of activities. This happened in a context when energy and security of supply have become a strategic issue.

Commissioner Potocnik, opening the session, underlined how national Member States need to better coordinate research programmes for photovoltaic (PV) with the European level. Considering the fact that PV is a fast growing technology, with social, economic and environmental benefits, he confirmed that the achieved work through the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) will be taken into account for the final definition of the FP7 work programme.


Download the agenda of the first General Assembly of the Platform

Opening speech from Janez Potocnik, European Commissioner for Science & Research

Opening speech from Emiliano Perezagua, Chairman of the EU PV Technology Platform

Presentation by Wiktor Raldow, Head of Unit, DG RTD : The FP7 Energy Theme and the role of PV

Presentation by Gonzalo Molina Iguarta, Head of Unit, DG TREN : Political initiatives and instruments for promotion of RES

Presentation by Anna de Lillo, Chairperson of the Mirror Group : National PV policies

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Session 1

Presentation by Isolde Arzberger, coordinator of PV-ERA-NET : Status of technical progress of EU funded projects

Presentation by Wim Sinke, on behalf of WG 3 : PV Priorities and the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA)

Presentation by Stefan Nowak, on behalf of WG 1 : Appropriate policies for PV deployment

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session 2

Presentation by Jean-Louis Bal, on behalf of WG 2 : PV Promotion in Europe.

Presentation by Hubert Aulich, on behalf of WG 4 : Opportunities for applications in developing countries for PV market deployment

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Press release

Download the press release of the first General Assembly of the Platform: "Here comes the Sun", 19 May 2006

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