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Steering Committee


The Steering Committee brings together specialists from key stakeholder groups in photovoltaic solar energy and directly related sectors. The Committee develops a broadly supported strategy and corresponding implementation plan for education, research & technology development, innovation and market deployment of photovoltaic solar energy. To this aim the Committee steers and supports the Platform activities.


The Steering Committee is composed by 32 high level decision-makers representing all relevant European PV Stakeholders. The Committee is leaded by the Chairman of the ETIP PV.

Chair of the EU Technology and Innovation Platform Photovoltaics

Marko Topic Chairman
Wim Sinke Vice-Chairman
Gaetan Masson Vice-Chairman

Steering Committee Members

Marko Topič University of Ljubljana UL-FE
Wim Sinke ECN
Gaetan Masson Becquerel Institute
Eivind Johannes Ovrelid SINTEF
Pierre-Jean Alet CSEM
Andreas Bett Fraunhofer ISE
Fabrizio Bizzarri Enel Green Power
Rolf Brendel ISFH
Christian Breyer Lappeenranta University of Technology
Carlos del Canizo Technical University of Madrid
Bernhard Dimmler Manz
Venizelos Efthymiou FOSS Research Centre, University of Cyprus
Ivan Gordon EERA PV / IMEC
Stefan Glunz Fraunhofer ISE
Silke Krawietz SETA Network / University LUISS Guido Carli
Philippe Malbranche CEA INES
David Moser EURAC
Milan Nitzschke SolarWorld AG
Ramon Ordas Badia FerroAtlantica
Jorg Palm Avancis
Fabian Pause SUER - Foundation for Environmental Energy Law
Emiliano Perezagua Consultores de Energia Fotovoltaica
Simon Philipps EERA PV / Fraunhofer ISE
Jozef Poortmans IMEC
Rutger Schlatmann (HZB) PVcomB
Rasit Turan Middle East Technical University
Jan Vandesande janCONSULT
Eero Vartiainen Fortum Growth Oy
Andreas Wade First Solar
James Watson SolarPower Europe
Peter Wohlfart Singulus
Achim Woyte 3E
Contact: Sofia Arancon <>