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April - 2019
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ad hoc Working Group 4 : Grid Integration


The rapid decline in the prices of photovoltaic systems is leading to a deployment at a scale where PV generation starts making a significant impact on power systems. The speed of this impact is faster than most in the power industry and even in the PV industry had expected. Integration in power systems is becoming the main barrier to the growth of PV generation in some regions.

At the same time, PV systems can present opportunities to reduce stress and losses in existing grids, and to form the building blocks of new ones.


This working group aims at bridging the gap between the PV and power industries and providing recommendations from a technical perspective on the actions to be taken to enable massive levels of PV generation to be optimally integrated in the power systems. Our work is global in perspective and its main intended audience is the European industry and R&D sector.

Main activities

The main future WG4 activities will be related to:

  • Status review of PV integration into power grids: Clarifying the concepts and vocabulary; outlining the risks and opportunities related to the integration of PV into the grid
  • Identify challenges and strategies for “plug-and-play” integration of PV at low-voltage level: Identify research & development and innovation needs in electrical engineering, power electronics, ICT, and energy economics and regulations
  • Identify research & development and innovation needs to enable full integration of PV in power systems, including electricity market


Steering Committee

Pierre-Jean Alet CSEM (Working group Leader)
Venizelos Efthymiou FOSS Research Centre, University of Cyprus
Gaëtan Masson Becquerel Institute
Philippe Malbranche CEA
Marko Topic University of Ljubljana UL-FE


Federica Baccaro EGP
Grazia Barchi EURAC
George Georghiou University of Cyprus
Biswajit Ghosh NPAC
Giorgio Graditi ENEA
Mari Juel SINTEF
Marco Jung Fraunhofer IWES
Christoph Mayr AIT
David Moser EURAC
Franko Nemac ApE - Agencija za prestrukturiranje energetike d.o.o., Slovenia
Philipp Strauß Fraunhofer IWES
Stathis Tselepis CRES
Guangya Yang DTU - Technical University of Denmark
ETIP PV Secretariat coordinator Simon Challet (WIP Renewable Energies): simon.challet(at)