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December - 2017
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ad hoc Working Group 2 : Industry Strategy and Policy


WG2 will examine the question, “How to build a strong and sustainable EU industry”, which includes material and equipment suppliers; cell-, module- and BOS-manufacturers and system developers, by looking at steps that both the public sector and private sector can take to make this happen.

The activities of WG2 will focus on setting out the R&D needed for Europe to gain or maintain competitive advantage in different segments of the value chain.


Steering Committee

Guido Agostinelli International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group
Pierre-Jean Alet CSEM
Andreas Bett Fraunhofer ISE
Bernhard Dimmler Manz
Philippe Malbranche CEA
Ramón Ordás Badía FerroAtlántica
Eivind Johannes Øvrelid SINTEF
Emiliano Perezagua Consultores de Energía Fotovoltica SL
Jozef Poortmans IMEC
Rutger Schlatmann (HZB) PVcomB
Wim Sinke ECN
Rasit Turan Middle East Technical University
Peter Wohlfart Singulus Technologies


James Breffit SUPSI
Matthew Clarke TU Wien
Carlos del Cañizo Technical University of Madrid
Girolamo Di Francia ENEA
Francesca Ferrazza ENI
Jean-Pierre Joly INES
Erik Stensrud Marstein Norwegian Research Centre for Solar Cell Technology
Paula Mints SPV Market Research
Espen Olsen UMB - Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Christos Protogeropoulos Phoenix Solar Hellas
Marco Raganella EGP
Francesco Roca ENEA
Andrea Serafini Capgemini Italia
Jose Silva University of Lisbon
Karsten Wambach Wambach-Consulting
Erik Foss Sean Institute for Energy Technology, IFE, Norway
Stathis Tselepis CRES
Alessandro Virtuani King & Wood Mallesons
PV Secretariat coordinator Greg Arrowsmith (EUREC): Arrowsmith(at)